Estate & Trust Disputes Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

After a loved one dies, the survivors are often highly emotional and stressed.  In these situations, it isn’t unusual for a dispute to arise over the contents of a will or how trust is distributed. Our law firm offers litigation services for our clients when there is a conflict over a will or trust.

Estate planning documents such as wills and trusts are subject to different interpretations, and either the document itself or the actions of the person administering the will or trust (the fiduciary) can be challenged in court. Whenever possible, our attorney will attempt to reach a peaceful resolution of disputes involving a will or trust. When appropriate we will engage in collaborative law. If litigation is necessary, our experienced lawyers will vigorously represent our clients’ interests in court. This may include challenging a will or trust to enforce a beneficiary’s right, defending a provision of a will or trust, or litigating the actions of a fiduciary.  

The attorney of Norelli Law has over 30 years of practice handling estate and fiduciary litigation and are assisted in their firm by a paralegal with substantial experience in finance and economics.  Their unique skill set makes Norelli Law ideally suited to represent clients in estate and trust disputes.

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What Is A Fiduciary?

A fiduciary is a person who holds property, assets or power for the benefit of another person. A fiduciary can be any person who holds assets for the benefit of another person, from a family member who has been named the executor or personal representative of a will to a trustee, lawyer, accountant, or financial advisor. Unfortunately, a fiduciary may not always act in the best interests of the beneficiaries, and an attorney may be necessary to help address the wrongful conduct.

Our firm represents clients in North Carolina and throughout the United States who may have been betrayed by the actions of a fiduciary.  This can arise in a number of ways, from concerns about the financial abuse of an elderly resident to the mismanagement of family assets to will contests (disputes over a will). We thoroughly investigate the facts of each case to enable us to make an informed recommendation to our clients.  In many situations, we are able to assist our clients in resolving these disputes without litigation, achieving a settlement and even reconciliation.  In other cases, litigation is necessary to protect the financial rights of our clients.  We zealously represent our clients to help them safeguard their assets and defend the integrity of the will or trust.  

Our broad experience in the field of estate and trust litigation gives us an advantage over other firms. We have successfully defended clients accused of mismanaging assets or undue influence and have won declarations on behalf of our clients that they are entitled to a portion of a trust or estate.  We have worked with beneficiaries from across the country as they navigate the complicated and stressful process of handling estate and trust issues after the loss of a loved one.

Estate & Trust Dispute Attorney in Charlotte, North Carolina

Based in North Carolina, our law firm offers high-quality legal representation to clients throughout the country for disputes related to estates, trusts, and other fiduciary issues.  With decades of experience and skill at alternative dispute resolution, we can often assist our clients in achieving an amicable resolution to complex issues.  Whenever necessary, we will assert our clients' rights through the litigation process.  Contact our office today to schedule a consultation at our Charlotte office.