An outstanding performer

I have known Nancy for almost 30 years and have followed her career in private practice with well-respected firms, as a respected judge and now as a mediator. She has performed in an outstanding fashion throughout her career. She truly deserves to be recognized as a lawyer who maintains the highest level of integrity and ethics and is committed to upholding superior standards practice.


You can depend on Nancy

[Nancy Black Norelli is] An able lawyer, dependable and consistent.


Norelli is an outstanding lawyer.

She helped us navigate through the challenges with expertise and compassion.  She will forever be named as one of the people I am most thankful for. 


Thank you again for all of your help and thoroughness

It has been impressive to work with such compassionate professionals. 

-E. H.

Thank you for believing in me...

...and helping my childrens’ future as well. 


It has been a true pleasure to work with you.

My client has asked that I thank you for your kindness, insight and peaceful manner as we have worked through things – a sentiment I echo wholeheartedly.  

-D. W.

Nancy brings a well honed intellect...

...wisdom gained from real life experience; a keen sense of right and wrong; an understanding of human frailty, balanced by the ability to ask the tough question without being confrontational; courage; and a sense of purpose which she pursues with a rare grace.

-E. O. A.

Nancy Norelli is dynamic...

... intelligent, positive, creative, generous and passionate about the things she is committed to. 

-K. S.

It does feel like a difficult chapter is at last coming to a close...

... and I firmly believe it could not have happened without your help. 

-L. K.

Meditation Settlement - Very Grateful

" the end of that very long day, I was very grateful to you for helping us reach a Mediated Settlement Agreement, and most especially grateful for getting a firm date for us to receive our money."  

-L. O.

The Firm Has Been A Blessing

I feel like we are making real progress with the estate, thanks mainly to your work. Everyone at the firm has been a blessing to me throughout this process. I know there is still much to do, but it gives me a great feeling of relief each time we check something off of the list. Thanks again for everything you do. 

-C. B.

Terrific Mediator

Judge Norelli -- Great meeting you yesterday. Thanks again for your terrific assistance as a mediator in the federal case.   

-J. W.