found successful resolution

Obtained successful resolution of complex trust matter on behalf of trust beneficiary against corporate trustee and hostile family trustee. 

Facilitated buyout

Facilitated buyout of charitable remainder beneficiaries with court approval.

defended trustee

Successfully defended trustee against challenge from adult children regarding distribution of $12 million of trust assets. 

defended executor

Successfully defended attorney executor from beneficiary challenge and led efforts to resolve distribution of estate and trust worth $14 million. 

recovered money for excluded family members

Recovered $200,000 for family members excluded from inheritance by overreaching family member. 

defended propounder of a will

Successfully defended the propounder of a will against charges of undue influence and lack of testamentary capacity. 

Obtained return of assets

Obtained return of assets to a personal representative in claims against a financial adviser for misappropriation of investment accounts. 

represented a fiduciary

Successfully defended a fiduciary accused of procedural irregularities in administration of estate. 

Removed executor of estate

Removed an executor of an estate and recovered assets for the estate. 

approved modification of trusts

Obtained court approval for the modification of trusts. 

protected rights of beneficiaries

Obtained a declaratory judgment protecting the rights of trust beneficiaries. 

designed optimal estate plan

Worked collaboratively with multiple generations to obtain optimal estate plan.